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Gregg Mele is a lifelong resident of NJ. Throughout the years he has experienced the NJ government expand exponentially and with that so did the costs of living here. It is time to get NJ back on the right track by limiting government, lowering the costs, increasing freedom and opportunity for everyone to have a real shot at the American dream. 

Currently, Gregg C. Mele, Esq., M.B.A., practices in the following areas of law: Corporate Law; Contracts; Securities; Employment Law; Real Estate; Intellectual Property; Technology Law; Municipal Court; Debt Collection & Negotiation; Wills; Estate Planning & Administration; Immigration Law


  • New York University School of Law, LL.M., cum laude, 2001

  • New York Law School, J.D., 1998

  • Baruch College of the City University of New York, M.B.A., 1998

  • Stevens Institute of Technology, M.S., 1988

  • Montclair State University, B.S., cum laude, 1986


  • Stevens Institute of Technology – law and finance graduate course development and teaching

  • Fairleigh Dickinson University – law paralegal course teaching

  • Gregg has all of the tools and leadership to make this happen but he needs your vote and support to do it.


Eveline Brownstein immigrated to the United States in 1985 excitedly believing that, unlike the countries of her birth and raising, the fight for liberty had already been fought. She soon realized that the work of fighting for justice, equity and liberty is never done and she committed herself to that work in her adopted country. She became a Libertarian after becoming disillusioned by what she saw as major party hypocrisy in the 1990s.

As a young girl, Eveline was inspired to become a voice for those who are not heard. She is passionate about the plight of the impoverished, low-income families and the homeless who are seldom helped by government policies despite endless promises and earmarking of taxpayer dollars. Across her 30 plus year career as an HR professional, Eveline has epitomized her belief in the power of volunteerism as an alternative to government intervention. She has worked countless hours as an ad-hoc volunteer and as an officer on the boards of professional, charitable, and political organizations where she had a meaningful impact on meeting community needs gaps. 

Throughout her career, Eveline has worked primarily with small busines owners developing and implementing sound HR policies for their small businesses. Eveline has learned the struggles of small business owners in numerous industries who are seldom consulted but hugely impacted when government adds additional restrictive regulations to the business climate in which they must operate. It has always dismayed her that government never takes the time to work with the very businesses that are the source of most of the jobs in the state. Eveline has taught numerous professional development courses to HR professionals, supervisors, managers, and C-suite executives across New Jersey and hears their concerns, the source of their sleepless nights, and the devastating impact of the executive order lockdowns. It is a mystery to her that small businesses were never consulted when the lockdowns were planned and given no opportunity to be heard or contribute ideas, while the consulting boards were packed with large corporations, most of which only had an affiliate in the state.

Eveline deeply understands the struggles of parents. As the parent of four special-needs children, she is keenly aware of the challenges that parents face when they are unable to choose the best school placement for their child. Hence, Eveline is committed to school choice and advocates for a policy that ensures that property taxes collected for children’s schooling follow each child to the school of the parents’ choice, and not to the district school. The current policy fails most children and is particularly brutal to children whose parents do not have the financial means to send them to private schools, but who live in neighborhoods where the district schools are failing them.

Eveline is a proud alumna of the New Jersey State University system, graduating with honors from Thomas Edison State University where she received her Master of Science in Human Resource Management and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She is also a certified Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR) and has earned the credential of Senior Certified Professional from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM-SCP)

In 2013, Eveline ran for 13th Assembly District. She has served as a treasurer for the New Jersey Libertarian Party and its affiliate, the Central New Jersey Libertarian Party. She is humbled to have earned her Party’s endorsement for Lt. Governor and is proud to run with Gregg Mele, the candidate for New Jersey Governor. She believes that together they can find real solutions to the mounting problems residents of this great state are facing.

Eveline and her husband William are the parents of seven children: Tricia, Rochelle, Alena, Chad, Benjamin, Amber and Alexis. The family lives in Rumson, Monmouth County.