Gubernatorial Debate #2 Recap with Q&A

On October 12, Duopoly candidates pandered as usual.


Gregg Mele provides a series of thoughtful responses to his opponents in the New Jersey Gubernatorial Debate! Support Gregg's campaign at!

New Jersey Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Gregg Mele Returns!

Now that the GOP and Democrats have chosen their respective nominees, the contrast is clear: Gregg Mele is the only candidate embracing liberty.

Listen to the podcast here.

Live Stream: Lt Gov Debate Recap with Eve

On October 6, 2021 Eveline Brownstein will review and share remarks on Lt Gov Debate hosted by New Jersey Globe at Ryder.  Yet another debate designed to discriminate against third party and independents seeking office.

Join followers of the Mele/Brownstein campaign and discover why you already agree with the Libertarian positions. We are on your ballot and you can vote for us, but two parties don't want you to know that!

Live Stream: Gubernatorial Debate Recap with Q&A

On October 1, 2021 Gregg Mele will review and provide commentary on several highlights from the 1st Gubernatorial Debate.  A debate which was exclusively attended by the duopoly candidates earlier in the week and hosted by NJPAC.

Gregg will start answering debate questions followed by fielding questions from the chat around 9pm.

Come hang out with the only candidate that will protect and defend individual sovereignty in 2022 and beyond.

Statehouse Speech: September 6, 2021

On September 6, 2021 Gregg Mele gave a speech at the State House in Trenton. 

Gregg addressed the victims of Hurricane Ida, called out the republican and democrat candidates on their ineffective, big government solutions, and described his plan to get people back to work.

There is only one choice poised to put New Jersey in a prosperous direction. That Choice is Gregg Mele.

NJ Gun Legislation

There is only ONE party interested in protecting your sovereignty in the upcoming 2021 election: The New Jersey Libertarian Party. Two NJLP candidates, Gregg Mele (candidate for governor) & Nicholas Magner (candidate for LD4 state assembly) take on unjust NJ gun legislation for some target practice.