Liberty is Catching on! Jackson Township Conservative Republicans Endorse Gregg Mele.

It takes tremendous bravery to go against the grain, but it gets easier when people are told to support a stuffed suit with a hairdo. At some point you look beyond the charade of a system that is designed to maintain power over the people it claims to serve. The NJ GOP nominated Jack Ciattarelli as the candidate who will not beat the worst governor in the recent history of this state. The Jackson Township Conservative Republicans have had enough and endorsed Gregg Mele, the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate.

The corruption in New Jersey needs to end and the best way to do so it to turn your back on it and vote for genuine candidates that govern with their principles, not sway with the political winds.

Why would the The Jackson Township Conservative Republicans turn their backs on their own party? Shore News Network reports Ciattarelli, a career politician, is lagging in polls such as the one conducted by Monmouth University and is seen as an unfavorable candidate by 19% of Republicans. How could they get behind someone of such little substance?

Fortunately, the Jackson Township Conservative Republicans found someone they could get behind with a clear conscience. Gregg Mele exemplifies the NJ Libertarian party as the candidate of principles for the party of principles. Between the economy crushing mandates to the second amendment, Greggs platform speaks for itself.

For all of the disenchanted Republican and Constitutional Conservative organizations in the NJ, this is your chance to say NO to the corruption and cronyism that is eating away at your liberty and values. Join Jackson Township Conservative Republicans and endorse Gregg Mele for governor.

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